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Altruistic Warrior

Altruistic Warrior
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Read manhwa Altruistic Warrior / Selfless Warrior / 이타적 용사 / Altruistic Hero / Selfless Hero A world where the game system is default. In that world where there were levels, inventories, skills, and dungeons, Aine’s level was only 7. Growing up alone in a small village on the outskirts, she barely lived through beginner monster hunting and she thought she would continue to do so for the rest of her life… . [Caught by a rare Torong curse] [Curse intensity: S Rank] Life has changed since being cursed. The pain that comes every night. Her priest said to her that she was having a hard time. ‘If you have a relationship with someone with strong divine power or drink their blood… The curse may be purified.’ A person with mighty divine power. Like a warrior, for example.