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Amelia’s Contract Marriage

Amelia’s Contract Marriage
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Read manhwa Amelia’s Contract Marriage / 아밀리아의 계약 결혼 Amelia married as if she were being sold to Count Domene – her family’s political opponent. That was a grey marriage without love. After being used as a spy without realizing it, her only thing left was a miserable death. ‘I won’t live a stupid life again.’ Amelia, who returned, resolved firmly and offered the Count a deal. “I can help you win.” “What do you want in return?” “When we’re done…”… Please divorce me.” “How come?” “How can a married relationship that is neither loved nor loved be comfortable?”” Amelia dreamed of a free life after her divorce. “I will not forgive those who have treated my wife recklessly.” This man, by the way, is he always a nice man…?