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As My Husband Said, I Brought in A Lover

As My Husband Said, I Brought in A Lover


Read manhwa As My Husband Said, I Brought in A Lover / 남편의 말대로 정부를 들였다 Luise is a woman who married an unfaithful nobleman, who keeps having affairs with other women. Tired of her miserable life, she decides to follow her husband’s advice and take a lover for herself. She meets a mysterious man who wears a mask, he is the most famous lover in the underworld. However, when he takes off his mask, she discovers that he is actually Edward, the grand duke of the empire. Edward is a powerful and dangerous man who has his own plans for Luise. He teaches her to fight, to use magic and to become a strong and independent woman. Protects her from the dangers that surround her, such as her ex-husband, the emperor and the enemies of the empire. Luise falls in love with Edward, but does he feel the same way about her? And will they be able to stay together amid so much intrigue and conflict?