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Avoiding the Heavenly Emperor

Avoiding the Heavenly Emperor
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Read manhwa Avoiding the Heavenly Emperor / I Did Not Want to Be Chosen by the Tyrant Heavenly Emperor / I Did Not Want to Be Selected by the Tyrant Heavenly Emperor / 폭군 천제님께 간택되기 싫었습니다만 Bam Binee’s dream job is the position of grade 7 civil servant of the Celestial Palace! Luckily for her, the Heavenly Emperor is seeking a wife through the Heavenly Empress Selection, an event that also allows talented ladies to become civil servants. Thus, Binee dives into the competition, meeting new friends and forming alliances at the Celestial Palace. But as the stakes get higher with each match, she begins to realize that fulfilling her dreams may come at too great a price…