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Awakened Thief Steals the World

Awakened Thief Steals the World
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In a rural orphanage, Cloud. of the Himmel Kingdom, There’s an earnest boy named Leon who often takes care of the younger kids. though their world is in midst of a war, Cloud is in a rural area, far from the battlefield. However, one day, leon discovered a familiar face amongst the soldiers that past by him. It was strikingly similar to the robber who broke into his house and killed his mother 6 years ago. “I’m pretty sure that the culprit wasn’t caught…”. Fueled by his desire to know the truth of that case, he went back to his old house. However, he fainted after coming in contact with the magic circle in the hidden room. When he woke up. He recalled memories of his missing father and awakened to a single ability. That was the ability to Steal. Leon’s father was the greatest thief of the century and he left a magic circle for leon to inherit his ability and knowledge. Leon decided to enter the army with his skill to learn the truth.