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Brother, Am I Cute?

Brother, Am I Cute?
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Read manhwa Brother, Am I Cute? / 형아, 나 귀엽지? [Healing emotional parenting story of 20-year-old brothers] Si-hyuk loses his parents in a sudden car accident and his younger brother Si-ha is 20 years younger than him. The family was whispering about me and my younger brother at the funeral. “What to do with those two? Who wants to take charge?” “Oh my. “Now that he’s a college student, how would he raise his little brother?” “I heard there is insurance money?” In the midst of this chaos, Siha opened his mouth. “Brother. Brother. “Uwaa!” Siha pronounces the words correctly for the first time and cries. Brother. He said brother, not dad, not mom. Si-hyuk slowly approached and hugged Siha. I will protect you.