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Can Love Blossom in a Poisoned Heart

Can Love Blossom in a Poisoned Heart


As a young girl, Sasha Corsico was saved from the jaws of a monster by the cold Prince, Paris Vladimiro, who requested a binding promise in return. To survive the injuries she sustained, her family turned to sorcery that saved her life, but unfortunately transformed her into a vampire incapable of facing daylight. A decade later, Paris, cursed with poisonous blood, suffers with his title, as a stream of new brides die at the touch of his lips. He now collects on his promise with Sasha, requesting her to become his wife, as Princess Consort. She obliges, while the very sorcerer who made her what she is, warns her: “Be wary of humans with poisonous blood.” Adjusting to palace life, suffering Paris’s family, Sasha is out of her element, having to hide her physical condition. However, she can’t resist her attraction to Paris, who suffers from the scars of a dark past, but slowly opens up to Sasha. As love and care blossoms, will this couple find a way to overcome all of their troubles?