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The first runaway dragon, Arin’s adventure in the human world!!! In the Larteard Mountains, a huge mountainous region occupying the center of the continent, lived the Red Dragon Clan, the dirtiest of dragons… A 300-year old child (?), who yearned for the adventure of the human warrior, turned into a human being using the only form-conversion magic, “Polymorph,” to secretly run away from home. Instead of being a warrior, Arin is chased by orcs, sold as a slave, and became a princess. Here she begins a tough adventure with a human body! Kalsarin Karsearin: Adventures of a Red Dragon Carsearin Kaleusealin Kalsarin Kalsarin y sus aventuras en el mundo humano Kalsearin Kalsearin: The Biography of the Super Dragon Kalsearin: The Super Dragon Biography Kareusearin Karsearin Карсеарин Супер Дракон Карсеарин Супердракон Карсеарин 赤竜カルセアリン 超龍傳記 Kalsearin 雏龙战记 초룡전기 카르세아린 카르세아린