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Dancing In The Middle Of The Night

Dancing In The Middle Of The Night
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Dancing In The Middle Of The Night / 푸른밤, 황혼의 윤무 Kang Seo Yoon, an ordinary office worker, is captivated by the performance of pianist Ahn Hee Won. But one day, she was in the concert hall when no one was left. She witnessed Ahn Hee Won aiding the murder case and played the piano in a pool of blood…? And right from that moment, the world of unscrupulous monsters wearing a beautiful cover and eating humans swallowed Kang Seo Yoon’s life. So you can only eat or die. On the sentimental and beautiful face, the cold wave shook like a lamp. “Seo Yoon, make a choice” It is a story of enchantment born at night. In a city filled with enchantment like a jungle, there lived a dark blue person who longed to eat. A virtual contemporary urban mystical romantic fantasy about an artist who enchants humans and monsters with love as a scapegoat.