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Daughter of a Thousand Faces

Daughter of a Thousand Faces
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Shen YuHua is one of the many daughters of the great Sect leader littering the grand palace of the Lihua palace (里华宫) sect, Due to her obvious lack of talent for cultivation and martial arts, she lives a neglected, but quiet life, accompanied by her seemingly helpless servant, “Swallowtail”. Constantly ostracized and mocked for failing to find a good husband, Yuhua meets Leng Feng who finally seems to be the right match, but the matchmaking session quickly spirals out of control when YuHua is subsequently kidnapped by demons. In a twisted turn of events, Yuhua is taken in by a powerful and ancient demon, Chu Tian, who resolves to teach her the deadly art of face changing. Dragged into a never-ending conflict between demons and humans, Yuhua begins to question everything she has ever learned inside her sheltered palace about morality and her family.