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Dear Fairy, Please Contract With Me

Dear Fairy, Please Contract With Me


요정님, 계약해 주세요 Hello. Am I perhaps your first fairy? ** Deep down in a basement, I met a lonely child. I wanted to see the smiling face of that child. So I decided to come into being as a flower fairy. “I promise you. I’ll leave this place with you!” You’re a seed stuck in the ground. In the name of the flower fairies, I’ll be sure to make you bloom. “Yes. Let’s work hard. Let’s leave together… Let’s get each other out of this place.” This fairy is going to have to do a lot in order to escape with the cute boy! We prepared for a long time. Then an unexpected opportunity came, but… We finally made it out back into the world. That entire world wanted my human who had now blossomed. “You’re too amazing for me to keep.” My first human. My precious planet. My lovely flower. Leoren, fairy Shurensha’s origin. For the sake of Leo, I want to let go of him, just a teensy bit, but, “Ren, you are the best in the whole world. I am only Shurensha’s Leoren.” Leo only cared about me. “Shurensha, please contract with me.” Forever.