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Don’t Grab the Broken Branch

Don’t Grab the Broken Branch
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Read manhwa Don’t Grab the Broken Branch / 부러진 가지를 잡지 마세요 When my father’s strategy, which caused a rebellion in the neighboring country to try to make his son-in-law king, failed, Deadache loses her fiancée and at the same time avoids the crisis that befell her family, leading to an arranged marriage with the emperor’s favorite knight. As the duke’s daughter, even if she said that marrying a knight was an insult, her opponent was the problem. The Emperor’s favorite knight, Lucius Elliot was her former lover who had to break up with her father’s opposition six years ago. Lucius, her passionate and affectionate lover, was revealed to be her illegitimate child by a duke’s tactic, and she lost her title and territory. He broke up with Deadrache, being misunderstood, and was driven to the battlefield. Six years later, the two people face each other with the situation reversed amidst the sediments of the past. Deadache’s heart is broken by Lucius’ actions, whether it is revenge or regret….