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Dream Of A Sweet Rain

Dream Of A Sweet Rain
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Danyoung, the only doctor of Sanwoon-dang, is tasked with treating Baek-gyeom, a formidable adversary who might be her father's enemy. However, the herb used for his treatment has an unexpected side effect – it stimulates his lust! “No matter what I do, it's difficult to dampen this unrelenting heat.” “…and so?” “Hold me.” “Pardon?” Baek-gyeom's eyes danced with amusement, not hiding his absurdity. He hovered over Danyoung, casting an ominous shadow. His long arms snaked around her waist. As Danyoung's breath hitched and she instinctively grasped his arm, a languid smile appeared on Baek-gyeom's lips. “You cannot refuse me, of course.”