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Flavors of Reincarnation

Flavors of Reincarnation
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After a heroic death, Oh Youngsil is given the chance to select her own rebirth. With all the flavors of life before her, Youngsil forgoes all else and piles on one “scoop” of beauty after another. But there’s a catch. The choices she makes now take time off her life. To stop this, she is told she must give birth to “God’s Helper,” which will grant her wealth and happiness. Armed with beauty and not much else, will Youngsil taste the sweetness of life, or will reincarnation prove bittersweet?Whose Child Should I Give Birth To? / Nuguui Aileul Nah-eulkka / Reincarnated Beauty’s Love Affairs / Tensei Bijo no Ren’ai Jijou / Whose Child Are You Going to Give Birth To? / /