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His Highness’s Allure

His Highness’s Allure
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The ninth prince, Qi Changyi, inherited his mother’s beauty but he is a little slow. Pei Zheng, the current prime minister, is positioned above everyone else, second to only the emperor himself. He handles matters swiftly and is well-known for his ruthlessness. However, his cold heart was gradually melted by Changyi. He thought that the little fool could be kept in the palm of his hand forever. However, it never crossed his mind that the little fool would leave him after getting his heart broken. With reddened eyes, he searched everywhere like a mad demon, to no avail. “Without you, I can never be happy in this lifetime. Your highness, where must I go to find you?”*The manhua adaptation has taken some creative liberties and may not reflect the original novel 100%