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How to Live as a Bootleg Healer

How to Live as a Bootleg Healer
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One day Kang Songhyun opened his eyes on the Azul Continent. He didn’t know the reason. When he woke up he was no more in South Korea. He’s thrown into a fantasy world. ‘Why did I come to this kind of place?’ At that time, the status window pops up in front of him [Your job is ‘healer’?] But among his skills… ‘huh? …No healing?’ That was the beginning of the life of an unlicensed healer. A healer who does not know how to heal. Kang Songhyun is good at everything except healing In a fantasy world as an unlicensed healer his story of survival begins. How To Live As An Unlicensed Healer; how to live as a fake healer;How to Live as a Bootleg Healer How to Live as an Illegal Healer / 야매 힐러로 사는 법