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Husband Replacement

Husband Replacement
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Asili thought her husband loved her, but her husband Joseph abused her and she died giving birth to a child. Before she could take revenge on him, she opened her eyes and found herself in a pre-marriage phase with him. She felt like she was going to live that hellish life again, so she looked for a replacement husband for her. Asili went straight to visit Duke Esperad Kamedeschi, who was rumored to have been afflicted by a curse after his fiancée died under mysterious circumstances. “Im Asili, i would like to ask Your Majesty to marry me.” “Does what you said mean that you wish to die now?” “Do you think the misfortune that has befallen me is a joke?” Asili knows that he will become emperor, so she tries to win his heart. Moreover, I finally replaced my husband, and my damn ex-husband is still arguing with me. Will Asili be able to take revenge across time and space and succeed in replacing her husband?