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I Don’t Want the Male Lead’s Child

I Don’t Want the Male Lead’s Child


Read manhwa I Don’t Want the Male Lead’s Child / 남주의 아이는 싫습니다 “I will never have a male lead’s child!” She was introduced as a supporting character in a novel who died after giving birth to the male lead’s child. When I realized this I were already a new bride about to get married. “I must find my way to live!” In preparation for the arrival of the princess-heroine after 8 years, the male lead will tell me indifferently: “we are friends!” But the male lead, who should have saved the world and fallen in love with the princess, came back alone? “Where was she going, your princess? Why did you come alone?” “My princess is here.” “No! I mean the real wife you’re going to marry.” The male lead asked with confusion on his face: “So, is our marriage fake? Is that why you said you didn’t want to have children.” Despite his friendly tone, my stomach churned. It was really a big mess. Whatever happened, it felt so wrong.