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I Don’t Want to Work!

I Don’t Want to Work!
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Read manhwa I Don’t Want to Work! / 일하기 싫어! Born as a genius among geniuses in herbal medicine, I’ve undergone countless reincarnations, all at the request of the gods! I can’t stop until I create the perfect divine elixir… This is a scam, isn’t it? In the end, in this current life, I declared a strike. I won’t do it! No, I won’t work!!! That’s what I thought, but then… “I’m counting on you.” “Me? Are you serious?!” Surprisingly, my strained family relationships seem to be improving. “Thank you so much!” I’m receiving expressions of gratitude from all over. And to top it off… “A long-lost disciple comes to see you.” My very first disciple and even the last one appeared. Why didn’t that guy die?