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I Eat Soft Rice

I Eat Soft Rice
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Zhang Hao passed out after watching the rare blood moon once every century but when he woke up, he found that the whole world had changed… The attributes and concepts of men and women were completely reversed. It has become very normal for a woman to earn money to support the family, and it has become very normal for a man to be a househusband at home. Guys are more feminine and women are more dominant and work as the breadwinner. In this world, it’s normal for a woman to chase a man, “But what is this? Is this how I want to live my life? hey! it’s not like I want to depend on women and eat soft rice! I want to be a real man too!” Without any cheats or supernatural powers. Zhanghao will need to navigate this strange new world with different social norms and succeed in it in order to adapt and survive, hopefully, he will be able to thrive and become successful in this world. “And become a Real man too! ” Transmigrated into a feminist world / 我在异世吃软饭 I Eat Soft Rice in Another World Tôi ở thế giới khác dựa dẫm vào phụ nữ Wǒ Zài Yì Shì Chī Ruǎn Fàn 我在异世吃软饭 这里的妹子都想攻略我?!