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I Have A Blade That Can Cut Heaven And Earth

I Have A Blade That Can Cut Heaven And Earth


Heavenly Emperor Lin Dao, in his pursuit of comprehending the supreme blade heart, dispersed his cultivation to start anew. However, he was betrayed by Wang Xian’er, leading to a change in the heavenly throne. At the brink of death, Lin Dao comprehended the supreme blade heart. His soul lay dormant for thousands of years before awakening and possessing an abandoned disciple of the Heavenly Sword Sect. Coincidentally, the abandoned disciple was sent to the Divine Blade Sect as a scapegoat. Lin Dao then used the Divine Blade Sect as his base, meticulously preparing for revenge against Wang Xian’er. Subsequently, Lin Dao annihilated the Heavenly Sword Sect, defeated the Soul Annihilation Hall, and forcefully unified the three major continents. This also revealed the puppeteer who had always been behind the scenes – the Azure Cloud Sect, the strongest force created by Wang Xian’er. The conflict between the two emperors thus began.