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I’m a Villain, but I Saved the Heroine

I’m a Villain, but I Saved the Heroine


Read manhwa I’m a Villain, but I Saved the Heroine / 악녀인데 여주를 구해버렸다 / I’m a Villain, but I Saved the Female Lead Possessing the evil woman, she lived hard. As a result of doing her best not to interfere with the female lead and her male lead, she says, the female lead was successfully engaged to her male lead. …But one day, the female lead came to visit me? “Please help me and His Highness the Crown Prince break off our engagement!” Hey, I think you misunderstood the role, but I’m a villainess and you’re a heroine. * “Still, can’t we sign a pair contract, even on paper? My teacher begged me to sign a pair contract.” “It’s not possible.” “They said that pairs were defined as people of similar skill level. If you’re on the same level as me, that means you’re just such a knight.” I like him but I also have to admit it. Considering the magic from before, it was clear that I was just such a wizard. Avonne just loved me. It was easy to admit that. “So, what is there to call each other with mere people like that? You said you can just sign a contract and never see it again?” Poor knight. Originally, there is a possibility of development when you know yourself. It hurts now, but I can’t help it. Since you’re handsome, it’ll be okay if you’re a little short of a knight. I looked at Kyle, who was staring blankly at me. “What the hell are you talking about?” Kyle opened her mouth again. His expression twisted as if trying to peek into my thoughts. “Are they just people like that?”