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I’m the One Who Died, but the Hero Went Crazy

I’m the One Who Died, but the Hero Went Crazy


As the hero’s comrade, I died after blocking him from the evil dragon’s breath. Well, it’s fine. The Hero Elkinas was the only friend I trusted to have my back. I’ll go out with a bang, I guess, so the hero can marry a pretty woman and live the rest of his life.…Is what I thought would happen, but after 80 years passed, I came back to life in a completely different body. And…“It’s regrettable, Arlene. Elkinas went insane. Completely insane.”That was the first thing I heard.*What else could I do? I should help him. To help my close friend who seems to have not been able to accept my death, I decided to stay by his side while hiding my identity.This way Elkinas could completely accept the past and become happy, since this is the very reason why I died for him.But… I think he recognized me.”You’re… Arlene, aren’t you?”I touched my face. I definitely don’t look like Arlene.Shouldn’t there be no way he could know who I was?”I won’t ever let you go… Ever.”Elkinas said with shining eyes.