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I Never Abandoned the Tyrant

I Never Abandoned the Tyrant
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Read manhwa I Never Abandoned the Tyrant / 저는 폭군님을 버린 적 없는데요 I was reincarnated as ‘Lari’, an evil maid who was destined to die at the hands of the male protagonist ‘Thierry’. To avoid death, I took care of Thierry with all my heart and thought I had turned him into a sweet person. One day, without knowing why, I died. “The princess has woken up!” When I opened my eyes, it was 7 years later… And I’m a princess? “If you want to avoid war, send me the princess.” Thierry, who grew up like a tyrant, broke in and said he would take me to his country. Why was I reincarnated as a princess? How did Thierry, who was so good, become a tyrant?!