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I Raised My Fiancé with Money

I Raised My Fiancé with Money
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Read manhwa I Raised My Fiancé with Money / 돈으로 약혼자를 키웠습니다 Overflowing wealth, exceptional looks. Illya Blodin’s life was perfect. Until she witnessed her fiancé’s affair, that is. “I changed everything, my taste, my hobbies, I accommodated his every wish… But I won’t live like a pushover any longer. I’ll get a perfect break up!” For the perfect break up, she finds a new fiancé, Karhan Evantheon. She tried to shield herself with Karhan’s fearsome reputation, but… “I found this flower on the battlefield, and I really wanted Illya to see it.” Turns out, he was a cute puppy?! Will this engagement be okay?