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I Will Live This Life as a Supporting Character

I Will Live This Life as a Supporting Character


“If you want to do well, you have to face difficulties…” Lisia recalls the memories of her previous life when she suffered in the Korean entrance exam, aiming for the first position. ‘Forget everything, I will live my life only for me.’ A life of a supporting role that is no longer in the spotlight! However, it is difficult to live quietly as a supporting character— both in appearance and in abilities, because she is so extraordinary! After entering the academy, I tried to live like a shadow with no presence as much as possible… I keep getting involved with men that everyone is paying attention to. From the prince in the guise of a friendly rogue, to the most popular man at the Academy, Casanova, to his expressionless expression, but from his motives, who seem to be hiding many secrets. ‘Please leave me alone!’ I want to live quietly!