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I Will Rewrite the Dead End Novel

I Will Rewrite the Dead End Novel
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[Let’s get rid of this psychopath before that] Yes, I possessed someone. But who I was in my previous life. I can’t remember at all. All I remember is, just this guy’s face that filled my eyes. The day I woke up for the first time as a wizard’s experiment, we were together. Strangely enough, about my previous life, this guy seems to know better about it than I do. In a dead-end novel, you are the only one you can trust and rely on… In order to live, I have to run away from this guy. In the future, he will kill the female lead’s entire family. It’s because he’s a psychopath whose view on the world is final darkness. After a while… Finally, out of his grasp, I thought I could live a peaceful life─ “You cruelly abandoned me.” This guy, he finally found me. “Did you enjoy playing with me?” Now, he can’t even be compared to his past self. He went completely mad.