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I Will Seduce the Male Lead for My Older Brother

I Will Seduce the Male Lead for My Older Brother


I possessed Raphine, the youngest sister of the second male lead, who had no dreams nor hopes, in an impoverished and obsession filled novel. That was also because he had a crush on the female lead, who married the male lead on a contract, and eventually died. I can’t believe it’s such a miserable ending for my favorite character and kind eldest brother. No way! Raphine decided to brainwash Prince Jerkan, the male lead of the novel, to prevent the female lead’s contract marriage. So that he can think of me when he needs a contract marriage! “Jerkan! I want to marry you!” “If you’re grateful, you have to marry me next time.” “I need a simple marriage, so I’ll get married through a contract.” And when the brainwashing finally succeeded, Raphine cheered inside. “Okay. Definitely, I’ll marry you.” I never imagined what kind of eyes he was had. Yeah, I really didn’t know then. I didn’t know this would happen. “Didn’t you pester me because you wanted to marry me?” “Will you run away?”