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If You Wish for My Despair

If You Wish for My Despair
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Read manhwa If You Wish for My Despair / To You Who Desire My Despair / To You Who Wish For My Despair / あなたが私の絶望を願うなら / Anata ga Watashi no Zetsubou wo Negaunara / 나의 절망을 바라는 당신에게 An orphan Anastasia, despite being of noble birth, was unable to afford to eat because of debts left behind by her parents. One day, her uncle, the Earl of Everdeen, proposes that she marry Theodore, a rival duke, in exchange for repayment of her debts, and Anastasia is sent to live with him. However, what awaits her is a life of ridicule, not only from Theodore but also from the maids. She is served with a messed-up dress and rotten food, and eventually, Theodore tells her, “It’s a good thing your parents are dead.” Anastasia is lonely and in despair, but one day she meets a man at a ball, and her destiny is changed forever.