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Immoral Parody

Immoral Parody
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Read manga Immoral Parody / [스태프온리 단편선] 패륜극 – 김종건 – 웹툰 – 레진코믹스 In her younger days, Lee Hee-jung was a well-known star actress. However, her life took a dramatic turn when her affair with ‘Yeon Seon-gu,’ a popular film director and the husband of her close friend ‘Kim Myung-hee,’ was exposed. Subsequently, she faced a series of scandals following Kim Myung-hee’s suicide and a traffic accident involving Yeon Seon-gu. As a result, Lee Hee-jung left the entertainment industry, and 12 years passed. She received a tempting casting offer for a new film and, after much contemplation, decided to make her comeback in the film industry. But what she didn’t expect was that the lead actress in the film would turn out to be ‘Yeon Ji-na,’ the daughter of Kim Myung-hee and Yeon Seon-gu…