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Juliet, You’re Not In Kansas Anymore!

Juliet, You’re Not In Kansas Anymore!


Read manhwa Juliet, You’re Not In Kansas Anymore! / Juliet, This Isn’t Kansas! / 줄리엣, 여긴 캔자스가 아니야! Why did Shakespeare give the FL of his story the name Juliet? If he’d instead given that extremely tragic story the name my life would be so much better! A highschooler in Kansas, Juliet Holiday had some minor inconveniences as her first name was very well known, but her days were relatively normal. Or it was- before a student named Romeo transferred over. “HI, it’s great that I was able to meet you like this. My name is Romeo.” From the eccentric bearer of that fateful name, Romeo Buchanan, to American football quarterback Grey Holt, and childhood friend Luke Theobald… Due to the ever changing relantionships between her and these people, her school life quickly becomes more and more of a mess.