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Just Peachy

Just Peachy
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Read manhwa Just Peachy / Why Are You Doing This, Freshman?! / Why Are You Doing This, Shinseonnim?! / Why Are You Like This, Shinseon-nim?! / 왜 이러세요, 신선님?! On the last day of each millennium, junior sages earn another thousand years of life when they consume celestial peaches bestowed upon their kind by the holy being Seowangmo. That’s all Cheon-rok ever really wanted – to finish her training and earn more time. But when she accidentally drops her celestial peach, that dream begins to unravel. Having fallen into the human realm, the mystical fruit tumbles through the fabric of time and space and into K-pop idol Kim Dowon’s heart, granting him a natural charisma and adoration far beyond that of any normal human. The only way to retrieve the peach without causing physical harm? Through a heartfelt kiss under the Seowangmo’s peach tree. Refusing to believe in the existence of mythical sages and stone fruit, Dowon must be convinced by Cheon-rok to cooperate before her time in this realm is up. As the two frenemies are pitted against each other, could they end up finding heaven on earth in one another’s arms?