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Lady Baby Is a Revenge Maker

Lady Baby Is a Revenge Maker
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Read manhwa Lady Baby Is a Revenge Maker / 아기 마님은 복수 메이커 One day, Sephiel, who returned to five years old, decides to get rid of the family that abused her. The first thing to do is to enter the family of a powerful person who will protect you safely! By chance, the dragon family’s bride selection ball, full of sinister rumors, opens, and she manages to take the place of the crown prince’s wife. “Why do you run away. Didn’t you say you wanted to marry me?” “How does this little thing know so much about my son?” “You’re pretty sassy for a girl… and quite cute.” From her little husband to her father-in-law to her grandfather, she attracted a lot of attention from the dragons in the royal family. I must have made the dragons on my side now that this has happened… Should I take revenge on the evil humans?