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Learning to Love You

Learning to Love You
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Who needs sex, anyways? That’s what 32-year old teacher Choi Yeo-eun used to think, until she has a mind-blowing experience during a drunken one-night stand. When she wakes up the next morning, she is absolutely mortified: she doesn’t know where she is, where her things are, or even who she slept with. Yeo-eun is pleasantly surprised to discover the man in question is Doh Jeong-yeon – tall, handsome, and amazing in the sack. So amazing, in fact, that she can’t forget about that night, no matter how hard she tries. What’s worse, Yeo-eun soon learns that Jeong-yeon was not only a student at her school…but her boss’s son! As she struggles to reconcile her growing feelings of lust for Jeong-yeon with her moral compass as a teacher, will Yeo-eun be able to learn to love her newly awakened sexual desire?