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Libera Me

Libera Me
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The victim of an atrocious war, Shurielle grew up in a temple as an orphan. One day, she finds herself being adopted by Duchess Luke and is excited at the prospect of a prosperous new life. But soon she finds out her fate – i.e. to merely be a puppet that would help the Lune family expand their authority when she marries the Emperor. Not only that, she has to dress up as the Emperor’s previous love, Charlotte, and win his second heart, the Elixia. Shurielle frantically does all she can to survive, but when Charlotte returns, the Emperor turns a cold shoulder to her. It was only when she faces her fifth rebirth that she realizes she would no longer succumb to such a past but forge a new life. But the mad, vicious Emperor seems unable to let go of her. Will Shurielle, once again, be a victim of the Dragon Emperor? Or will she take the hand of the strange man she meets in her new life?