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Living as the Villain’s Stepmother

Living as the Villain’s Stepmother


The oven exploded while I was baking bread, and I faced death with my abusive father, who had come seeking me. Then I woke up in a novel I was reading. “I-I’m sorry, Mo..ther. I’m not hurt.” In the body of the villainous stepmother “Leila”, who abused the male protagonist “Hirua” when she was young, but was eventually executed by Hirua when he returned as emperor! In order to help Hirua leave the stepmother’s wraith and live happily, I encounter the Marquis “Lacias Huppert”, who played a crucial role in the original, proposing a contractual marriage… “Can we have a real marriage instead of a contractual one?” “Oh, can I sleep with Mother too?” Contrary to the plan to leave only the two of us after a year, it seems both the Marquis and Hirua start becoming attached to me in an unexpected way…!