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Love Doesn’t Matter

Love Doesn’t Matter
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Love Doesn’t Matter One might think being engaged to Hadius Myer, the son of one of the most prestigious families in the kingdom, sounds like a fairy tale, but for Emilia Bern, a commoner, her reality is nothing but a nightmare. Tired of the constant criticism she receives from other nobles and her fiancé’s cold attitude, all Emilia wants now is to end this charade. But when Hadius turns 19, his attitude suddenly changes. The truth is, Hadius has always been in love with Emilia, but he has been keeping his distance from her because of his unstable position within his family. Unfortunately, Hadius has already lost Emilia’s trust and must prove his sincerity to gain it back. Will the two be able to overcome adversity and hardship and find a way to be together?