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Marriage Contract With Two Husbands

Marriage Contract With Two Husbands


Marriage Contract With Two Husbands / 두 남편과의 결혼계약 Roselyn was married to Archduke Melchior, the first knight of the Empire. “You don’t know me.” “I want to save you.” A man who saved her life, saved her family, paid off her debts, and even wants to get married. There is no such thing as a favor without a reason, why would you do this to someone you don’t know? “You look like someone I know.” Melchior’s first love, said to look just like Roselyn. When she was depressed thinking that she was just a second love for his first love, she took in Julian, who looked exactly like her husband’s childhood, as a disciple… . “Divorce the man and marry me, Roselyn.” What if I marry both husbands?