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Maseknam – A Sexy Magician

Maseknam – A Sexy Magician
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Reaad manhwa Maseknam – A Sexy Magician / Masek man – sexy man who performs magic / 마섹남-마술하는 섹시한 남자 / Masek Man – A Sexy Man Who Does Magic Idol of the magician world, Korea’s greatest magician, Ma Masung! One day in the middle of Gwanghwamun, a woman in a swimsuit fell into his sports car and shouted, “Your Highness the Crown Prince!” Chundong, who’s been living in Korea after losing the memories of her past, recognises Masung as the Crown Prince ‘Lee Ho’ from Joseon as soon as she touches Masung’s body… Chundong, a Joseon shaman, and Donggung Palace where the ‘Gate of Time’ is opened. Masung, a magician with ‘mysterious power’. A magical romance that crosses over 500 years now unfolds.