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My Dearest Witch

My Dearest Witch
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At the age of 13, Luanna’s parents were murdered, and this shocking event awakened her magical powers. Three years have passed since Luanna, known as the most powerful witch in the country, met an ordinary man named Kurs. Despite facing her wrath every day, Kurs falls head over heels for the passionate Luanna and devotes himself to household chores with great care. However, one day, Luanna prepares to give up this blissful everyday life. She does so in order to pursue her ideals. Furthermore, little does she know that her husband, Kurs, also harbors a secret he cannot tell her. Can Luanna, burdened with her husband’s boundless love, achieve her long-awaited dreams? Saikyou no Majo to Sono / 最強の魔女とその夫