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My Former Bias Can’t Find Out

My Former Bias Can’t Find Out
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Like many before her, successful BL author Kwon Mina cut her teeth on fanfiction in her youth, writing sordid tales about her favorite stars in sensual scenarios with their bandmates. Now a professional novelist, Mina’s determined to write the best romance since the invention of paper and ink…and what better source of inspiration could there be than the one that started it all – her ultimate bias Kang Woobin! All is going well with her newest idol romance until – plot twist! – the very same idol-turned-editor himself is put in charge of her newest manuscript. Unsure if honesty or secrecy is the best way forward, Mina debates telling him about her past as his number one fan, but Woobin is no longer used to life as the main character and has made an effort to close the chapter on that part of his life. With Mina’s professional life hanging in the balance due to her provocative past, there is only one thing for certain: her former bias can’t find out!