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Please Get Out of My Household

Please Get Out of My Household
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“Why did someone like you have to be born in my household?” You shame of the Closieux Family, you disgrace, you good-for-nothing… All those were words pointed at Guinadella Clochel, the young girl who, at barely 11 years of age, was abandoned by her family and had her life taken away. Well, no… Rather, she thought that her life was taken away. “They’re absolute fiends. To think that they would bully and try to kill a weak child just because she has no talent…” — Said the ancestor of the legendary great mages of old while possessing the body of the dying girl?! This is a story about a great mage regaining their powers to bring judgment to a rotten family, and a young girl whose emotional wounds are healed with the mage’s help; about a timeless bond that links them as if being drawn to each other. A kind-hearted girl’s revenge against her family begins now!