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Raising the Demonic Cult’s Leader

Raising the Demonic Cult’s Leader


In the martial arts novel “The Return of the Hero,” Ha-yun, a graduate student possessing the Herbalist Cho Yun. Under the belief that children deserve to be protected, he picked up the final boss of the original story, Seomun Cheon-oh, the future leader of the Demonic Cult. At that time, he was relieved that he could twist the flow of the original story and now raise him well and send him to society. “I want to rip their heads out.” Is this truly what it means to be a martial artist?! If you experience extinction, will even a child inevitably dream of revenge?! The words that came out of the mouth of a seven-year-old child were beyond cruel, and as an adult, he thought he should stop him… “Do whatever you want. Either create the world's most brutal martial arts technique or seek revenge with it.” Nothing happens. The body that has been trained in martial arts often refuses to listen to words and instead responds with solemn words. The disciples' eyes always roll when it comes to the teacher's tasks. In addition, the vengeful spirit is no longer seeking revenge but has become obsessed with Cho Yun and does not want to be separated from him at all.