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Reasoning With A Beast

Reasoning With A Beast
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Read manhwa Reasoning With A Beast / 맹수 사용 설명서 Secretary Seo Yujin is in charge of self proclaimed truth-finding. Once upon she receives a sudden call to her president and she hears shocking news. She is asked to take full care of the president’s younger brother and the third son of an unknown conglomerate, Jin Taeoh. What if you add something like this when you can’t shake off an eery feeling? “It’s not that difficult. You just need to keep him out of the media.” She should have run away immediately after hearing that, but blinded by the money, Seo Yujin agrees…! The first time she goes to the airport to meet him her first impression was that he’s a quite beautiful… beast? Tame the world’s just but heartless psychotic beast who doesn’t know where to go!