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Recording Hall

Recording Hall
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An ordinary graduate student reincarnated into the novel “Eternal Love”, written by her at the age of 15. However, instead of arriving when the original story began, she reincarnated seven years in the past. She became Ran Romea de Lachia, the daughter of the male lead’s stepmother – a character that she didn’t even know the name of before reincarnating. The Stepmother tormented the male lead, Yustav, so much that he began to mistrust other women. Ran tries to change the events that are going to happen, yet their parents and little brother still die. With Yustav away in the Academy and his uncle in control of the family house, Ran has to work as a housekeeper for two years and begins working on the “Male Lead Happiness Plan” where she will join him with the female protagonist and let him have his chance at happiness. Based on the [url=]Original Webnovel[/url] by Siya The Viridescent Crown, Recording Hall ; 녹음의 관