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Reforming My Regretful Husband

Reforming My Regretful Husband
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Read manhwa Reforming My Regretful Husband / 후회 남편을 고쳐 쓰겠습니다 “Don’t use the regretful male lead hashtag if the heroine doesn’t end up with a regretful male lead!” After wailing over the ending of my favorite novel, I wake up as Cornia, the heroine who kicks her regretful hubby to the curb for a new flame. The catch? My heart’s set on the regretful husband, Duke Ertein Belcita! But I’ll have to overcome several obstacles to stay married to Ertein. First up, let’s give those meddling villainous in-laws the boot. Watch out, world. Cornia’s rewriting her love life!