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Royal Redemption

Royal Redemption
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What if you could go back and do things all over again? That’s exactly the opportunity that Princess Annette has received. In a previous life, she was embroiled in controversy. Set to wed the crown prince, Annette’s life was looking rosy. But rumors and scandals followed that ruined her life. In the end, she ended up marrying the bastard son of the emperor, Raphael. Two black sheep of their respective families together in a bitter arranged marriage. Left weak and frail from her life’s trials and tribulations, she prays to any god who will listen, that if given one more chance, she’d fix everything. Well, Annette’s wish has been granted. Reborn, five years in the past, on the day before her wedding, she can now relive her life and make things right. But will Annette fall into the same traps as before or will this be her royal redemption?