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Second Life of Dongfang Bubai

Second Life of Dongfang Bubai
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Read manhwa Second Life of Dongfang Bubai, 동방불패, 东方不败,The Invincible Of The East A match for ten thousand enemies, The Heavenly Enlightened Warrior, The Sacred Saint of Sun and Moon Cult, The Invincible of the East! While unifying the Jianghu, the Soul Splitting Grand Art went out of control and mistakenly transferred his soul into the body of the 14-year-old son of his target, Mount Hua’s Shadowless Sword Warrior… Tsk, What can I do with this miserable body… Still, I am the Invincible of the East, and all the martial arts in the world are in my head. I will unify the Jianghu once again!