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So How Did I Die

So How Did I Die
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Read manhwa So How Did I Die / 그래서 나는 죽었을까 After a magical stone was stolen by a mysterious thief from a dragon’s territory, the dragon who’s property was stolen decided to morph into a noble woman that was related to said thief and go look for him in the human empire. However, what the dragon didn’t knew is that the woman that it morphed into was involved in a huge mistery where she was reported death just after her wedding 5years ago. Now after returning to the previous home of the that woman, the dragon will be trying to find the thief of his magical stone while learning more about the events that lead to the tragedy from three men that where involved in some way with her, The crown prince of the empire who was also her fiance, her faithful butler and someone directly affected by her “death”; All these enigmas may soon been resolved and put an end to the question….So, How did I died?