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The Adopted Daughter Saves the World

The Adopted Daughter Saves the World


Read manhw The Adopted Daughter Saves the World / Adopted Daughter Wants to Save the World / ลูกสาวบุญธรรมอยากกอบกู้โลก / 養女は世界を救いたい! / 입양딸은 세상을 구원하고 싶습니다 Chelianne lost her parents at a young age, so she turns to books to escape her bleak reality. When she gets close to the tragic ending of a book called “The Legend of Arfia,” she’s whisked away to Modeth, the Kingdom of Darkness on the continent of Arfia. There, she meets Carlten the Demon King, who’s immediately smitten by her cuteness. He decides to adopt her, giving her the family she never knew. But Chelianne knows the book’s ending is imminent, and she’ll stop at nothing to save the world!